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The trip exceeded our expectations

As promised, the following is a recap of our Egypt/Israel trip, and I hope this feedback will be useful for assisting customers in the future.


Cairo – the sites were incredible, especially the pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian museum.  The tour guide, Mohammed, did a good job with information and escorting us through each site, although you know our feelings were somewhat tainted on him when we felt he was trying to scam us regarding the dinner cruise.  The driver, Sayyid, did a good job and was always punctual and friendly.  The only recommendation I can give regarding Cairo is to make sure a dinner cruise is explained t the customer.  Do they want a loud dinner with local entertainment or enjoy a finer style dinner with peace and quiet as they sail the Nile.  

Luxor – the guide, Mohammed, was one of the best and was so friendly, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable.  Richard and I were blown away by the sites of Karnak and Luxor.  The Valley of the Kings was also well worth seeing.  The lunch at Wolf’s Restaurant was one of the best meals we had in Egypt so if you continue to offer a complimentary lunch when touring Luxor, that is the place to go.  I forget the drivers name, I think Malmut, but he did a good job as well.


Our guide, Nadi, was such a pleasure to have and we really bonded with him.  It felt like three friends doing a tour together.  I am grateful to you for switching us to a Christian tour guide as it made the Israel trip that much better.  Nadi was very knowledgeable and did a great job of directing us to spots he knew we would appreciate and enjoy.  The driver, Mohamed, also was friendly and did a good job as our driver.  The highlights for us were Masada, Hezekiah’s tunnel, and standing at the top of Mount Olives to view the panoramic view of Jerusalem and the City of David.  While it was our request, I would not recommend visiting the Temple Institute and I found it somewhat boring and dated.  There is no guide, and you are only ushered through each room by a pre-recorded voice so it was very impersonal.

James Mathews, USA

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