Spiritual Crossroads: 12-Day Pilgrimage through Turkey and Greece

12 Days

Scheduled Tour Dates

September 23, 2024 - October 4, 2024 Guaranteed


Journey deep into the heart of spiritual history with the “Spiritual Crossroads” tour, a 12-day pilgrimage through Turkey and Greece. Starting in Istanbul, a city that has witnessed centuries of religious history, this tour guides pilgrims through sites of profound biblical significance and breathtaking beauty. From the ancient streets of Istanbul to the sacred grounds of Athens, participants will explore places where apostles preached, saints prayed, and Christianity flourished, all while engaging with the rich tapestry of cultural heritage that these regions offer. This pilgrimage is designed not just as a travel experience, but as a journey of faith, offering moments of reflection, prayer, and a deeper understanding of the roots of Christianity in the lands where it first spread.


  • Istanbul’s Sacred Sites: Tour the newly renovated Blue Mosque and the grandeur of Hagia Sophia, a pivotal site in both Christian and Islamic history.
  • Take a spiritual Bosphorus cruise, reflecting on the city’s historical role as a bridge between East and West.
  • Edirne’s Religious Heritage: Explore Edirne’s Üç Serefeli Mosque and the Old Mosque, significant in Islamic worship and architecture.
  • Visit the Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum, a historical hospital that now serves as a museum of health.
  • Transition to Greece: Cross into Greece, experiencing the blending of cultures and faiths, and visit the coastal town of Kavala.
  • Philippi’s Biblical Past: Walk through the Archaeological Site of Philippi, where Apostle Paul established one of the earliest Christian churches in Europe.
  • Reflect at the site believed to be where Paul was imprisoned and visit the octagonal church dedicated to him.
  • Thessaloniki’s Christian Roots: Participate in a walking food tour that includes visits to sites where Apostle Paul once preached.
  • Enjoy a spiritual evening boat tour around the Thermaikos Gulf.
  • Vergina’s Royal Tombs: Discover the Royal Tomb of King Phillip II in Vergina, an extraordinary archaeological find that provides insight into the ancient Macedonian kingdom.
  • Meteora’s Monastic Life: Visit the awe-inspiring Meteora monasteries, perched on high cliffs and still home to active monastic communities.
  • Athens’ Ancient Christianity: Tour the historic Athens Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum.
  • Experience a panoramic city tour that includes Christian sites and culminates with a reflective visit to the Panathenaic Stadium.

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Spiritual Crossroads: 12-Day Pilgrimage through Turkey and Greece
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